If you’re accepting online payments, Payment Page will make it easier than ever!

We understand wanting to receive payments simply and easily from clients all over the world – we’ve needed to do it for years for our web design agency. However, every client can be different, and we needed something for our business that could handle flexible, global payments with local payment methods, subscriptions, and more.

Stripe and other payment gateways give you the ability to receive payments, but they don’t always make it look beautiful or make it easy for your customers, which means it’s basically left up to you to customize your own payment page or payment checkout process.

That’s why we created Payment Page.

Just bring your payment gateway (or we’ll help you set one up), choose a beautifully designed template (or customize your own), and start accepting online payments right away! Your new payment page will clearly display your business information, details about your products or services, other customizable “trust” factors (like social proof) to help facilitate the payment process, and transactional emails to handle the details – all in one!

Payment Page will be available as a WordPress plugin and a Website-as-a-Service (WaaS) where you can get Hosted Payment Pages, making it easy for anyone to get their payment page setup in minutes with or without your own website.

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