3 Ways Your Business Can Quickly Adapt to Remote Selling

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Brandon Ernst, Founder & CEO
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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold all over the world, businesses must now pivot and capitalize on the opportunity to adapt to changing consumer habits. 

Customers are evolving in more ways than business owners initially expected. This is an ongoing development that has seen the birth of new sales channels and innovations in ecommerce. Amid all the various developments taking place in the modern business landscape, there’s one specific update that your business should be aware of: remote selling.

Increase in adaptability

Even though it’s been around for quite some time, remote selling has seen an unprecedented increase due to consumers staying at home and following social distancing. As the population continues life from home, the “new normal” is now online shopping and shipping of goods to consumers’ homes.

Fortunately, the power of the Internet has made it possible for producers and consumers to get what they each need, effectively bridging the gap and eliminating physical contact. By using various digital tools and channels, you can keep the orders coming in and your cash flow running smoothly without worrying about laying off employees or struggling to keep your business afloat.

Get your business back on track with remote sales

Setting up an efficient online channel to receive payments doesn’t necessarily mean an excessive amount of work. In this article, we will share with you three ways your business can quickly adapt to remote selling: 

1. Use social media to your advantage

In the past few months, businesses across industries have seen a significant boost in sales activity by fine-tuning their digital marketing strategies and selling directly via their website, and by connecting with customers through email and chat.

Instead of a storefront, a chat box or contact window can help you maintain personalization in your transactions by getting in touch with your loyal customers via email or live chat. Using various social media platforms also makes it possible to reach out to customers and answer any questions that they may have before buying your product or service. This means that you can interact with your customers and meet your sales goals too. Just because you can’t interact face to face doesn’t mean your business has to forego all customer service interactions. This brings us to our next point. 

2. Set up a chatbot

One of the biggest challenges with adapting to the new form of transactions and the ins-and-outs of remote selling is that customers will always expect a reply, no matter what time of day they message. This is where a chatbot comes into the picture. 

It can help you avoid losing potential sales by having a system that automatically answers any questions or concerns that customers may have right away! For more complex inquiries, you can respond directly to the customer in a short amount of time.

3. Get started on your payment page.

Since more and more people have been conducting their transactions online, it should come as no surprise that the demand for online payments will grow exponentially in the coming months.

With the days of cash-only payments long gone, this is your opportunity to start offering online payments on your web shop, and the best way to do so is with a hosted checkout page! By using a checkout page building tool – such as Payment Page – you’ll be able to set up your online shop with a secure payment portal that allows your customers to purchase your products online quickly and securely. 

By combining payment gateway options into one payment page, it makes it far easier for customers to use any option from a targeted mix of payment methods. 

Make a change

Given the state of the world today, companies must innovate to keep business not only running, but thriving. By bringing operations online, businesses can connect and expand their customer base to offer their services in a way that is sensitive to the times. Following the three simple, yet practical, tips mentioned above, you can immediately see significant results and get your operations back on track in no time!

We offer a WordPress plugin and hosted payment page that provides all types of businesses with an easier way to take payments online. Customize your own payment page or let us host your page to accept online payments without all the hassle of setting up an entire website!

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Picture of Brandon Ernst

Brandon Ernst

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